Charcoal Whitening Mouthwash

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Polished Charcoal Mouthwash not everyone likes the idea of charcoal especially in teeth whitening products but we can assure you our Charcoal Mouthwash will change your mind!

It contains all natural ingredients combined together to create an amazing detoxifying solution that helps removes toxins, reduces bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling fresh clean and minty.

One of the key benefits of Charcoal is that it will help reduce and breakdown the daily stains on your teeth, charcoal is a proven ingredient and has been used for hundreds of years for many medical purposes.

It's simple to use, simply shake the bottle before use, apply a small amount into your mouth and then rinse around your mouth for 1 minute. This is also great to bundle up with the Polished Teeth Whitening Powder.

Natural Ingredients Gradual Whitening Removes Stains Vegan Friendly Special Formula Maintains Gum Health Powerful Antioxidants Removes Toxins Helps Neutralise Bacteria Freshens Breath

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