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Shopping for your bridal underwear should be fun and exciting. Not only does it get you excited for the wedding night, it is also a very important factor of your wedding day as the correct bridal underwear should enhance your shape and show off that gorgeous wedding dress to its full potential!

The first thing to remember is not to leave it too late until you start shopping around for your wedding underwear. The last thing you want to do is start stressing that you won’t be able to get anything decent in time for the big day or worrying if your exchange will arrive in time! You should ideally be taking your bridal underwear to you first wedding dress fitting.

What's my Bra Size?

Evelyn Bra
Evelyn Bra

This is the first question you should ask yourself – When was the last time you got measured? A lot of brides like to lose a little weight before their wedding day so it really is an important time to get measured again to ensure you are getting the correct underwear size.

Wearing the correct size bra can really help with posture, support and inner confidence. Think about your photos too – Do you want photos of you yanking your bra straps up? Do you want your photos to look like you have four boobs where your bra is too small?

Don’t forget to check out our size guide before purchasing too, as every brand comes up different. If in doubt, please always contact us before purchasing so we can recommend a size for you.

What Type of Underwear Should I Wear Under my Wedding Dress?

This all depends on what type of dress you will be wearing and what you are going to feel comfortable wearing all day.

  • Take a supportive, well-made white strapless bra when going wedding dress shopping. This will help give you a better picture of what the dress can really do for your shape and size.
  • Do you even need to wear a bra with your wedding dress? If no, then don’t waste your time looking for corsets or bras, look forpretty knickers or something special for the honeymoon instead.
  • If you have a low back dress, you need to think realistically whether it is too low to wear a bra, as the bra strap will show. There are other options such as backless bras, stick on boobs and nipple petals.
    Adele Corset
  • Who says you have to pick white or ivory underwear? It’s your day, your decision, so why not pick out a vibrant colour if that’s what you like? As long as the colour or the material of the bra doesn’t show through your dress!
  • Not bothered about what’s underneath your dress? Maybe you would prefer to opt for the practical slimming shapewear? Maybe the thought of you looking a dress size smaller is a more sexier thought then wearing seductive bridal lingerie!


Honeymoon Lingerie

Blush Teddy

Whilst your shopping on www.bridalicious.co.uk, you may as well pick something up to take away on honeymoon! We have some super soft items, that are light to pack in your suitcase that really will enhance that tan and remind him why he married you! Don’t feel you have to go for something bridal either – anything goes when it comes to honeymoon lingerie!

I hope you find this Bridal Guide useful – Just remember, you want to feel comfortable, supported and sexy in your wedding underwear. Choose something that will compliment your figure and your dress and you really will feel like a million dollars on the day!

Please do leave your comment at the end – We would love to know YOUR bridal underwear fears or success stories!

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