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Our Life at Bridalicious HQ

I am sure some people do not take us seriously when we say we are working mums who run a successful business from home. I thought I would capture what we do in our day to give our readers a snapshot of what is like to not only to be running Bridalicious, but to also be a working mum too!


Gemma has just arrived back from a holiday in Spain (literally landed at 1pm, back home around 3pm) and has dived straight back into work whilst putting two washloads on. Some may say, why aren’t you taking the rest of the day off, you have been travelling all morning, but Gemma has come home to nearly 10 parcels waiting to be sent to customers and lots of returns from customers. When we first started out, we would have taken the whole day off but we are just too busy now; we even have to work on our days off to try and stay on top of everything!

I did have a busy day planned, but unfortuntely some of my delivery has not arrived! As I have child care Tuesdays I decided to get all up to date with the housework, gel my nails and make a start on the Christmas section of our website.  I still worked from 8am until 8pm but working from home means I have the luxury of stopping when I want to do the housework and my nails etc.


It is all go go go at both mine and Gemma’s today. We both have a huge amount of deliveries coming that we need to get out to our customers. We are always very busy this time of year because of all the Halloween accessories we sell – mainly on our ebay and Amazon shop. On top of our parcels, we still have to keep an eye on the orders coming in. Everytime we sell something we have to make a note of it, check stock levels, print a label out and sometimes contact the customer for more information. We also get many queries throughout the day too which we always try to respond back to within the hour.  Today we sent out 134 orders – Look at all those empty boxes!



Today is my day off. I am looking forward to today, as I have worked extra hard the past week as I had to cover for Gemma whilst she was in Spain. On my day off I always get up extra early to action the inbox and get that completely up to date. You are probably thinking, how is that a day off, but...  I like to get up early and get it all done, so that I can try and relax and enjoy the rest of the day away from the computer.

I spent the day with friends in Norfolk, but I was still kept up to date with how the day went as myself and Gemma keep in touch by sending each other voice notes on Whatsapp. Anyone that knows Gemma knows she loves to talks A LOT! Laughing aside, this is crucial in running your own business. You can’t just switch off and not care what happens - this is our monthly income, our own brand and reputation on the line.


Fridays are generally a lot quieter than the rest of the week, so we are lucky enough to say our weekends start around 2pm on Fridays. As always, I get up nice and early with Brooke, give her her milk, so that she goes back to bed for a little nap which gives me time to jump in the shower. Then it is straight to work for around 8am so I can check out the overnight sales! It is a lovely feeling to think you are earning money whilst you sleep haha!

Today Gemma spends a couple of hours ensuring our Amazon listings are 100% complete and showing correctly on, otherwise we could be losing potential sales.  It is quite a tedious job but it is an important one that has to be done. I have spent the morning checking our sale items on our website We have to manually check all items, and today I have checked to see if anything has sold out, or if I can reduce the prices. I also sent out a newsletter promoting our Brooke Babydoll out to our subscribers to boost website clicks and sales!





We both had a lovely weekend, spending time with friends and family. Gemma boxed up a load of orders and sent them out on Saturday morning, and I kept the inbox up to date throughout the weekend so it doesn’t all pile up on Monday morning!


Wahoo today is Payday! The harder we work, the more we get paid and October, November and December are what I like to call the money making months as we are coming up to Christmas! Gemma has every Monday off, so I take over some of the packaging for her to ensure our customers still have their orders arriving on time. I have to juggle my day about today as I have my daughter here all day and she is at that stage where she is walking around, touching everything, hugging my leg to come and play, so I try and break my working day up, and do as much as I can while she is asleep and happily playing! It works well, as although I could be working until 9, 10, 11pm that night, it means I am at home with her and spending hours in the day time playing and cuddling her!


We are back to our busiest day of the week again! Sales have certainly picked up ahead of the Christmas rush, and our priority is to continue to expand our online shops and get as many customers finding out about Bridalicious as we can! I have noticed it has taken me 2 weeks to write this blog (haha) I started so well but time just ticks away and we barely have time to watch TV anymore, but we are so happy that we can work for ourselves, work from home and spend lots of time with our children, that is is all SO worth it!



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