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A Baby and a Wedding in Jamaica

A Baby and a Wedding in Jamaica 

According to the Mail Online, almost one in four of all couples now decide to get married abroad in the hope for more sunshine and less stress on the bank balance! Have you ever thought about getting married abroad? 



Back in April, I went back to my favourite place ever as my sister and her fiancé had decided they wanted to get married in Jamaica! This was quite a big risk for them as neither of them had been to the Caribbean before, so they booked everything without seeing anything in person – you would never do this in the UK would you, but for some reason when you get married abroad you have more trust in people, websites and photos!

Ellen and Adam on their wedding day

 It was a special holiday for me also, as not only was I bridesmaid for my sisters wedding, it was my first family holiday after having my little girl in August 2015. I was so excited to get on that plane but also very nervous at the thought of taking a 8 month old baby with me! The plane journey was absolutely fine, I had nothing to worry about, in fact I think it was better that I went when she was young as Brooke was happy-ish to sit on my lap and nap for the 10 hour flight at that age.

Ellen & Adam had booked the hotel & flights through Thomson, but booked their wedding day through a local company called Tropical Weddings Jamaica. It was me who actually recommended them, as 5 years previous, I was also bridesmaid for one of my best friends who also used this company to book and plan her wedding day!


 Ellen's beautiful ivory dress is called Lily Mae by Charlotte Balbier, bought from MiliMili in Colchester, Essex.

I can honestly say that even though I may be bias, the day went absolutely perfect. Once again, I cannot fault Tropical Weddings. The set up of the aisle, the flowers, the transport to and from the hotel to venue, the food and everything in between was so magical. Although it was a little different to my friend Tara's wedding 5 years before, it was just as beautiful, relaxed and fun! For anyone that is thinking should I get married abroad, I have always been YES DO IT!

Not only did we all have such a good time on their wedding day, the whole holiday was fantastic. My daughter Brooke also seemed to be having the best time & after all that worrying about what do I pack for the baby, and have I bought enough nappies etc it worked out perfect in the end.

Here are some useful tips if you are planning to take a baby abroad, and not sure what to pack;


- Buy a lightweight stroller to take with you. Most airlines will allow you to take this right up until the plane door, and then you collect it at the other end the same time as you collect your luggage. I opted for one from the Billie Faiers My Babiie range and I fell in love with it!

- Don't over pack on the swimming nappies. Like us, babies get tired from the heat, so they will nap more, and probably will only go in the pool once or twice a day! If you feel confident enough, try and pack as little nappies as possible and buy them all over there!

- I took away with me plenty of Ella's Kitchen pouch meals so that I knew Brooke would not go hungry. Although we were all inclusive, personally I couldn't find something at every meal time I felt comfortable feeding Brooke as I wasn't sure what spices or how much salt went into the dish.

A few other little useful things to pack are washing up liquid to clean the milk bottles, mosquito net for the pram/travel cot, a water spray bottle to cool your baby down, a few toys to keep them entertained and a fresh top/dress for you for the plane journey - just incase baby is a little sick.


I am pro getting married abroad but this does not mean I do not enjoy a UK wedding! I just personally love the idea of getting your closest family and friends together, saving quite a bit of money, and hopefully having much better weather! Feel free to leave a comment with your view, experiences, questions or baby travelling tips, as I love to read our readers comments.

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Posted by Carol Neilson on

Hi Louise, loved rreading your blog, Craig my son is getting married abroad next September in Cyprus, and he too will have a baby, his little girl is due this sept, so thanks for the tips. Look forward to reading some more


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