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Men's Guide to Underwear Buying

Panic over guys, we have a simple, quick to read guide on choosing a perfect gift for the lovely lady in your life. Shopping with us is stress free & after using our step to step buying guide below, I am confident you might actually enjoy this type of shopping! 


I cannot count how many times a guy has all the intentions of buying something that day, but when I go to ask her size, it all goes quiet! And no, comparing her chest to a fruit does not help us

bridalicous mens guide to purchase underwear
Libby Babydoll

haha! Next time she is in the shower, quickly raid her bra drawer and make a mental note of the size. It is also very helpful to know her dress size as certain items such as babydolls and corsets don’t come in bra sizes, they come in dress sizes.


The difference between what women would buy and feel confident to wear, compared to what a man would buy and what he wants to see her in, is huge. Try and buy something that you know SHE will love, as you want her to feel comfortable and confident! What colour underwear does she usually wear? If in doubt, ask us and we would be happy to help as best as we can.


Not only does it earn you extra brownie points, but it really does make a nice gift, into a GREAT gift! At this point, if you haven’t already, you may want to email us at and ask what you may need to add to complete the look.  The most popular ones are

  • Does the item have matching knickers or a matching thong you could add on?
  • Would you like some stockings or hold ups to go with the lingerie you have picked?
  • Why not order some of our personalised knickers as an extra little surprise?

If in doubt, you could always play it safe and go for one of our gift vouchers. Team it with some flowers and chocolates and you bet she will be a happy girl still! Then she can choose something to surprise you ;)

It really is that simple, but if you feel you need our help and guidance, please feel free to contact us as we do not judge any questions asked and all orders are completely confidential.

Louise & Gemma x

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Posted by Cheryl on

We purchased several items yesterday, and they split the order. I can only find part of our order is it possible to confirm the balance of our order? Email us at card ending in3921 Thank you Cheryl

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